Press release

Sustainable aviation fuel plant to start production in 2024 in Denmark

A new project to produce sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) from renewable sources has been launched in Aalborg. The project has participation from Aalborg Airport, Kosan Gas, Vertimass and European Energy and the expectation is that a pilot plant will be established with production commencing in 2024. The SAF will be produced from CO2 and green hydrogen and pave the way to supply the first domestic flight route in Denmark running on SAF.

The project – which is called MeSAF, is part of the ambition from the partners to contribute towards a green transition in the aviation sector and prepare for the initiatives under ReFuel EU. The process has been simplified using new technology developed by the American company Vertimass. Whereas processes today require several steps from converting methanol into aviation fuel, the new technology only involves one step.

In cooperation with the Danish company European Energy, a major producer of renewable energy from solar and wind and the company behind the first production of e-methanol in Denmark, the production of kerosene with the new technology will initially be tested in the US. Hereafter, a demonstration plant will be established in Aalborg by 2024. The experience from this plant will form the basis for the evaluation of a subsequent full-scale plant with production of at least 10,000 tonnes per year.

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